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To advance knowledge in the field of neuropathology, and to disseminate such knowledge in the country and abroad.
Dr. Ashru K Banerjee, President
Dr. VV Radhakrishnan, President Elect
Dr. Sarala Das, Past President
Dr. Chitra Sarkar, Secretary
Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Jt Secretary
Dr. Vani Santosh, Treasurer
Dr. Geeta Chacko, Member
Dr. BD Radotra, Member
Dr. Nuzhat Hussain, Member


The Society is a non-profitable organization with primary goal of promotion and advancement of knowledge and research in the field of neuropathology. Towards this end, the Society aims to:

  1. Establish, promote, and manage programs for advancement of research and teaching pertaining to neuropathology and its related disciplines.
  2. Conduct conferences, CME, workshops, seminars and demonstrations to enhance awareness and promote interest in the field of neuropathology.
  3. Evolve uniform laboratory based protocols and guidelines for diagnosis and reporting of tumors and diseases pertaining to neuropathology that can be applied in all centres in the country.
  4. Promote and enhance scientific exchange through interdisciplinary and inter Institutional collaborations in India and abroad.
  5. Increase public awareness regarding availability of facilities for laboratory diagnostic services in neuropathology.
  6. Interact with and other national and international bodies for promoting research and teaching in the discipline of neuropathology such as the International Society of Neuropathology (ISN), Neurology Society of India (NSI), Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists (IAPM), Indian Academy of Neurology.
  7. Assist Government and non-governmental agencies in all respective matters of neuropathology.
  8. Protect and preserve the interest of its members.

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