Updates in Neuropathology

Travelling School of Neuropathology

Under the aegis of Neuropathology Society of India

Organized by NRI Medical College, Vijayawada

18th January 2020

8.30-9.00AM: Registration

9.00-9.15AM: Inauguration

Session I

9.15-10.00AM: Overview of WHO 2016 Update on Classification of CNS tumors

Prof C Sundaram

10.00-10.40 AM: Pediatric brain tumors

Dr Megha S Uppin

10.40-11.00AM Tea

Session II

11.00-11.30AM: Diffuse Gliomas in adults: Current perspectives

Prof C Sundaram

11.30-12.00: Metastatic tumors of CNS

Dr Meenakshi Swain

12noon-1.00 PM: Slide seminar1 (Neuro-oncology)

Dr P. Lakshmi Manasa

Dr C Pooja

Dr. Meenakshi Swain

1.00-2.00PM: Lunch

Session III

2.00-2.30 PM: Intracranial granulomas

Prof C Sundaram

2.30-3.00 PM: Slide Seminar2 (Non-neoplastic)

Dr P Lakshmi Manasa

3.00-3.3.30 PM: Viral infections of CNS

  Dr Megha S Uppin

3.30-4.00 PM: Concluding remarks& Valedictory function


Prof C Sundaram M.D, FICP, FAMS

President, Neuropathology Society of India

Advisor, DNB Pathology, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute

Former Dean, Senior Professor &HOD Pathology, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Dr Meenakshi Swain MD

Consultant Pathologist

Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Dr Megha S Uppin MD

Associate Professor of Pathology

Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad

Dr P. Lakshmi Manasa MD, PDCC (Oncopathology)

Consultant Pathologist

Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad

Dr C Pooja MD

Consultant Pathologist

Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad