You can fill the online form below or Download the PDF form either to fill and submit or print and send to the Secretariat.

Who can apply for membership?


There will be the following categories of members:

  • Life Members
  • Associate Life Members
  • Student Members
  • Honorary Members

5.1.1. Life Members (LM):

 Pathologists who possess postgraduate degree in Pathology recognized by National Medical Commission (MD/DNB/DM/NMC recognized foreign equivalent degree); AND are practicing / interested in Neuropathology.

5.1.2. Associate Life Members (ALM):

All those with major interest in Neuropathology but do not qualify to be Life Member can apply as Associate Life Member.

  • Those who possess a postgraduate qualification recognized by National Medical Commission (NMC) viz. MD/MS/DM/MCh/DNB/NMC recognized foreign equivalent degree in allied medical disciplines such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuro-oncology, Radiation Oncology etc. AND are interested in Neuropathology.
  • Those who possess PhD degree in Pathology/allied medical disciplines / neurosciences/ biological sciences etc. ANDare interested in Neuropathology.

5.1.3. Student Members (SM):

  • Postgraduate students in Pathology/allied medical fields related to Neurosciences, e.g., Neurology, Neurosurgery etc. (pursuing MD/DM/MCh/DNB recognized by NMC).
  • Students pursuing PhD degree in Pathology/ Neurosciences/ allied medical disciplines/ biological sciences etc.
  • Student membership is valid for the period of their studentship.
  • They can apply afresh for Life membership/Associate Life Membership of the society on completion of their postgraduate / Ph.D. degree. At that time they have to pay the full subscription fees as applicable.

5.1.4.  Honorary member (HM)

  • The Honorary membership of NPSI is a prestigious nominated membership for ‘Scientists of Eminence’ in academic fields related to Neuropathology and Neuroscience residing in India or abroad.
  • The Honorary member should have significant contribution and have professional recognition in the field of Neuropathology, or any specialty/discipline of Neurosciences related to research, service and/or teaching.
  • Honorary Member shall be nominated by at least two Life Members.
  • The Executive Committee will be the admitting authority to this category of membership. Then it will be ratified in GB.
  • The total number of Honorary Members at any given time will be limited to not more than 2% of the total Life membership of the Society.
  • The Honorary membership is a Life membership
  • The Honorary member need not pay any membership fee,
  • He/ She shall enjoy all the privileges of a member except voting right and contesting for any executive committee post.
  • Registration for conference will be complementary
  • He/ She cannot propose new members to the society and will be exempt from attendance requirements
What is the Membership fees?


All members enrolled in the Society shall pay a one time subscription to society as fixed by the society.

  1. Life Member 8500                           
  2. Associate Life Members 5500                           
  3. Student Members 2500                           

(Valid until period of studentship)

Payment mode: DD/Cheque/Online transfer

Bank transfer can be made:
Account holder: Neuropathology Society of India
Name of the bank : State Bank of India Vasundhara, Lucknow
Account Number : 64174356939
IFSC Code : SBIN0010512

To submit: Please enclose copy of electronically submitted membership  form with DD/Cheque/receipt of electronic transfer and mail to:
Dr. Nuzhat Hussain
Neuropathology Society of India

mail:[email protected]

How do I apply for membership?


  • Eligible individuals belonging to the categories listed above and desiring to enroll himself/herself shall apply to the Secretary of the Society.
  • The application shall be made in the prescribed application form as decided from time to time and published / uploaded on the website of the Society.
  • The application shall be proposed and seconded by Life Members of the Society.
  • The application shall be accompanied by a fee as approved by the General Body from time to time that shall be published / uploaded  on the website of the Society.
  • All applications for membership shall be scrutinized by Secretary/Joint Secretary and placed before the Executive Committee for approval.
  • Membership has to be approved in the Executive Committee meeting and then ratified in the General Body meeting.
  • Following approval in EC and ratification in GB, membership number will be allotted and only following this, will a member have voting rights and will be eligible to contest for elections.

The candidates should fill the application form with complete details requested. Their candidature should be proposed by two persons who are life members of the Society. The completed application form, accompanied by digital photograph, curriculum vitae with academic qualifications and scientific contributions and proof of payment of membership fees should be submitted to the Secretariat and the application will be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

What will I require to complete the application?
  • One Passport size photograph (Max Size:2MB).
  • Scanned copies of academic qualifications (Max Size:5MB).
  • Life membership number and email id of those who are proposing and seconding your application.
  • Details of the payment of membership fee.
Why Should I become a Member?
The Neuropathology Society of India is a fledgling association.
  • Become a member and help build the Society to achieve its dreams
  • Reach out to like minded in the country to share your views, knowledge and research findings.
  • Participate in developing consensus guidelines for diagnostic neuropathology applicable to our Country
  • Help propel Indian neuropathology onto the International map
  • Participate in popularizing neuropathology in the Country through updates, CME, symposia and innovative web based teaching programs
  • Membership privileges include reduced registration fee to the annual meeting.
  • Membership will provide access to the website for quick and easy access to other members, information about events, recent advances, and access to case discussions.